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2008-06-18 04.31.20-1Who are we?

The Fayette County Bar Association is a professional association of attorneys in Lexington, Kentucky. As a local bar, the FCBA strives to meet the needs of Lexington area attorneys. The purposes of the association are:

  1. to promote the efficient administration of justice and the constant improvement of the law;
  2. to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy in the legal profession;
  3. to cultivate and promote a spirit of collegiality among its members;
  4. to promote the code of professional conduct; to provide services to our members;
  5. and to establish closer relationships and cooperation with the Kentucky Bar Association and through it with the American Bar Association.

The FCBA also provides a professional and social network for Lexington lawyers. Any lawyer who is a member of the Kentucky State Bar Association in good standing, may become a member of the FCBA upon application and payment of dues.

Brief History:

The Fayette County Bar Association (FCBA) was founded in 1926, and has had a President in office every year since then. A part-time staff person was hired to produce Continuing Legal Education programs in 1981. In 1984 the Pro Bono Service was created to address the need for equal access to justice for the indigent population of Fayette County and in 1989 the FCBA Board passed a resolution to provide a separate Lawyer Referral Service for clients with the ability to pay for an attorney. An increase in services to members required that the staff person become full-time in 1991, and a downtown office was opened in July 1994. A second full-time staff person was hired in September 1996 to manage the Lawyer Referral Service. In 2000 the Modest Means program was established to provide legal services to clients who did not qualify for the Pro Bono program but due to income limitations needed an attorney at a reduced fee. Most recently, the Fayette County Bar Foundation was founded as the charitable giving arm of the FCBA. Its mission is to raise and distribute funds for delivery of services to the poor and indigent; law-related projects within Fayette County; and improvement of the judiciary, the legal profession and citizen access to the justice system.

Education and Networking

The Lexington Lawyer Magazine and information blast emails, including court announcements and closings

Affordable CLE

Judicial Receptions

Circuit Court Swearing-In Ceremony and Reception for new attorneys

Law Day Luncheon and presentation of awards to outstanding Bar Members

Annual Kentucky Theater Ethics CLE

Lawyer Referral Service

Bar photo directory online

Group Rate Health Insurance

Attorney Wellness Program

Community Outreach

Wills Clinic for Seniors

Credit Abuse Resistance Education program (CARE)

YLS-Thanksgiving Baskets and school supplies distributed

WLA-raises funds for the New Opportunity Workshop

Social Events

Free Holiday Party

Summer Picnic

Happy Hours

 Member Benefits

NPP- National Purchasing Partners- discounts to members from Verizon, Best Buy, Expedia and Office Depot and including many others

New Website features for members, including on-line photo directory changeable by the member and easy payment links.

Courthouse Wi-Fi for FCBA members.

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